Microsoft’s Bill Gates is Done with Social Networking Site Facebook

Bill Gates Breakup with Facebook

In October of 2007, Microsoft invested $240 million into Facebook, the booming MySpace-alternative. The purchase was for about 1.6% of the company that was believed to be the front runner to become the top social and business networking site on the internet. This week in February 2008 has proven to be a hard week for social networking platforms altogether. Several reports have been linked to users tiring of the advertising on these networks and employers have their own concerns as well. These sites tend to eat up bandwidth, consume workers’ time, and lead to sensitive information issues, all of which are counterproductive in the workplace.

Facebook had just recently taken a round of hits for releasing private information to third parties via Beacon and news is hitting the internet that M$oft Chairman Bill Gates quit using Facebook. has popped up mocking many of the concerns that Gates and other users have been having of the site. Gates cited too many friend requests as his reason for not spending his daily 30 minutes on the site any longer. With this being right before Valentine’s Day it makes you wonder if he dumped Facebook to avoid buying a gift? I am sure we will know in a few days if they are back together or not or if this is a permanent break-up. Did the Microsoft woos to Yahoo make Facebook jealous or was Yahoo’s initial temporary rejection too hard on Bill?

Heart-shaped traffic light in Brussels? We are NOT to be outdone.

Bro Taguchi pointed out this story about how there are heart-shaped lights in Brussels for Valentine’s Day.

heart-shaped traffic light

Aw, that’s soooo cuuuuute. Just as cute as:

puppies_1.jpg and kitten01.jpg and

pumpkin puke

But I thought this would be a nice candidate for an American model for traffic lights on Valentine’s day:


I think it brings out the way that many, though not all, people will celebrate Valentine’s Day.

QOTSA Wants to Make it Witchu…Makin’ Out on V-Day

That douche bag Josh Homme is up to no good again. Queens of the Stone Age has sponsored a YouTube make-out contest. To enter, you gotta submit a YouTube vid of someone (presumably yourself and your honey) making out to the QOTSA song “I Wanna Make it Wit Chu.” (great song, love the PJ Harvey version on Desert Sessions Vol. 9 & 10)


This is brilliant. Rather than fall prey to that Russell Stover commercial that says your lady’s “gotta get the choccolate” or else you’ll be in big trouble, give her something better…jump her bones like you’re both 17 and make sure you got the song on…oh yeah, and videotape that shit for full romantic effect.kiss.jpg

(yes…those are prairie dogs)

For the record, Spanky and I are huge QOTSA fans…but Josh IS a douche bag (and we love him for it).

For more, see the contest site (as of this post, there were no vids up):