Barack Obama is Overqualified and Hillary Clinton is Unequipped

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Charts

With all the crazy talk racism by Geraldine Ferraro of Barack Obama’s success coming from him being black and then defending her claim rather than taking it back, we took it upon ourselves to investigate by clicking on one link the element of gender to fire back at Hillary Clinton and her crew.

It did not take long to prove that Hillary Clinton is not the “right man for the job”, or even a man at all. There has been a commonality of ALL, not some, but all presidents before. That commonality is they have all had a penis. It has also been shown that testicles produce leadership. Eyewitnesses have gone on record saying that the Illinois Senator is more than qualified. This of course by simple logic eliminates Hillary Clinton (Clintones Ringtones or not)from even really being seriously considered.

So since Ferraro refuses to back off her zany statement, we simply wanted to Trump her and back it up with fact. We have a video from that corroborates builds our entire basis for our claim that Hillary Clinton is not equipped for the job and Barack Obama is the Total Package. It has to be factual because it was on the internet and included charts which in turn builds a case that Johnny Cochran could not even break down, glove or not. The photoshop job should also serve as exhibit B. if you still need more proof beyond the self-explanatory video.

Geraldine Ferraro had it half way right; Barack Obama IS lucky, not for just being black like she suggests, but lucky instead for being a black MAN.

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*because we do not hate Hillary Clinton, do not find her unqualified because of her gender, and do not support any REAL thoughts that endorse either of those ideas, we felt it was important to point out we are 100% kidding with this post

Chris Crocker’s new video against gay bashing covers Chris Crocker’s new video, which contains a diatribe against gay bashers who comment on his infamous (“more than famous,” ahem) Britney Spears video on Youtube.

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Crocker’s “Fuck you” to the gay bashers is certainly understandable; he’s in a very frustrating situation. Unfortunately, his rant doesn’t achieve much–other than some temporary catharsis. (Not that mine fare much better.) Crocker thinks that the media should focus on gay bashing; this is true. But I think Crocker should focus on the psychological causes of gay bashing.

I think that ending discrimination and hate against gays will probably be among the last frontiers in the quest to end bigotry. Bigotry against gays is probably now becoming the most dominant form out there. If you play Halo 3 or Call of Duty, it seems that the #1 insult in pre and postgame lobbies unfortunately involves calling someone a “faggot.” But that’s just the report from my little world of video-game-dorkiness.

I’m speculating that hundreds thousands of years from now, most people will eventually move beyond bigotry race and gender–because humans regard race and gender as natural states that no one can do anything about. But many humans view homosexuality as being unnatural–often doing so without a clear or coherent definition of natural–just as we view steroids as being unnatural without knowing exactly why. Or they view it as being a choice that can be discarded at will; never mind that many of the people who advance this position would not regard themselves as being able to choose to be gay. They might say, “That’s something I cannot do…” Of course, the easy retort is to say, “I won’t choose to be gay.”

Then you ask them why. Most will probably retreat to some kind of divine command theory or back to the argument from naturalness. In order to combat these views, you have to push the theory of evolution and argument against the divine command theory. If Crocker wants to undermine gay bashing, he’s got to arm himself in the right way.