Toggle your wireless card with Autohotkey (Win XP)

Ok, people, this one is a bit more involved.

Start off at

1. Read this part, and do what they say:

Download DevCon package from by clicking here and extract the package and copy the appropriate version (file in I386 folder for 32 bit Windows or file in Ia64 folder for 64 bit windows) to the C:\windows\system32\ folder.

2. Skip the step entited “Determining Device Instance ID.” There is an easier way than theirs. (If mine doesn’t work, then use theirs.) Go to control panel, then system, then device manager, then find your wireless card under Network adapters. Double click on your device, and click on the “details” tab. Choose Device Instance Id from the scrollbox. Here you will see something that looks like this:


Your prolly won’t look exactly like mine. I have bolded the part that matters. Copy that part–whatever it is. Don’t include the &s.


3. Create a new Autohotkey script. (NOOBS: Install Autohotkey. go and get it done. Create and save a new script. (To learn how to create your first script, start here).


Here’s what my script looks like:


#1::Run devcon enable *DEV_4220*

#2::Run devcon disable *DEV_4220*

Note the asterisks–put them in. Save your script, and then make sure your script is running. In my script above, pressing Windows key and 1 turns on my wireless card, and pressing Windows key and 2 turns off my wireless card.

I don’t need to use the command line now to toggle my wireless card. Also, no more clicking through menus! This is helpful when I want to extend my laptop’s battery life and I don’t need or don’t have WiFi access.

-MC Spanky McGee