Everything is For Sale, Even Landmarks

Wrigley Field’s name, Neverland Ranch, and the land below the Hollywood Sign For Sale

Everything is for sale, especially in America… if the seller says no, you can force them to sell in a hostile takeover.

Today news that the Chicago Cubs’ brass are willing to sell the naming rights to historic Wrigley Field. Yesterday news broke that Michael Jackson will be forced to auction Neverland Ranch on March 19th if he does not come up with $24,525,906.61 before that date. Two weeks ago some Chicago investors put 138 acres of land next to the Hollywood Sign for sale… so for only $22 million dollars, tourists can take pictures of your house every time they aim their digital cameras up at the Hollywood Sign.

Oddly enough celebrities like Avril Lavigne are having a hard time selling their real estate right now. So if you have a little money left over after buying one of the landmarks above, then grab a cheap superstar celebrity home while the price is slashed for millions off.

If you need to raise money to buy one of these extravagant items, go to HumanForSale.com and see how much you can get on the open market by selling yourself.

*the image above is photoshopped, there is no “For Sale By Owner” sign that big (that I know of)

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