TOOL show–Minneapolis.

Taguchi and I drove up to see TOOL last night in Minneapolis. We ignored the evangelicals standing outside the Target Center singing for the redemption of our oh-so-Satanic souls.

ISIS, who opened, is basically Diet Tool. They have some airy, drony, odd-time songs that mostly put Taguchi to sleep (who was very tired). I don’t think he was bored by them–more than likely, they served as little lullabies for the tuckered-out fella to regroup for Tool. On the whole, ISIS is solid, but they seem to lack some punch somewhere.
Tool rocked, as expected. Maynard seemed to have an off-night, for the reason that he stopped singing in a couple of the early songs. He might have been ill a few nights before. Who knows? But Maynard certainly deserves some liberties. Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, and Danny Carey held a musical seminar. One of the highlights involved a fast drum solo in the normally-quiet middle of “Schism.” “Forty-six & two” just rocked. DC tore up the drum solo at the end, but what did you expect?

The light show started out slow, and one wondered whether it was going to get going at all. Well, it progressively got going, and by the end, it was awesome. The white stage allowed graphics to paint themselves all over it, which was pretty cool. The laser show was nothing novel on the whole, as Pink Floyd had done all that for years. But novelty is not the issue here, Dude. Everyone was transfixed by the spectacle.

Maynard showed his usual dry sense of humor, taunting that “Kansas was louder” during the band’s onstage break–which prompted Minneapolis to deliver a proper retort. The Taguchinator and I were in agreement that it was one of the loudest crowds of which we had ever been part. They hit their crescendo during “Aenima,” singing their balls off to the whole song, basically.

As usual, Tool didn’t move around much. When your music is that complex, your musicianship alone is enough to rock big time. Maynard danced a little and did some strip-teases, but he sure as hell doesn’t need to run around like this douchebag.

We were on the road forever this weekend. So–TOOL–please come to Iowa. We’ll bring some friends. We promise. Love, Spanky “Not Worthy” McGee.

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8 thoughts on “TOOL show–Minneapolis.

  1. Who the fuck is Isis?

    I have this lasting image of Justin playing the intro to “46 & Two” with that rotating strobe light thingy going behind him…and the rest of the stage was blacked out. That was sweeeeeet.

    Maynard was sick. It was pretty obvious, but I didn’t care. I can listen to the crowd singing the end of the Pot. This is what AJ said on the San Antonio radio station earlier in the week:

    [ADAM JONES]: Oh, I’m really sorry. It’s horrible, you know. Our singer got sick…Maynard [James Keenan] is sick and uh, it’s very unfortunate ’cause you know, when I get sick or Danny [Carey] or Justin [Chancellor] get sick we can still go on with the show, but Maynard’s got fever, he’s coughing up stuff, he’s hoarse and he doesn’t want everyone to think he sucks by going out and trying anyway, but you know, he needs to just get over it, rest, you know and, uh hopefully we can continue. So you just need to hold on to your tickets and we’ll try to swing back around on this tour or on the next tour…um, it’ll be good for that, and you know, we’re really sorry about this, but it happens. You know, you’re traveling and um you know, overnighting to different places and climate changes and different pollens and different um, infected people that are probably getting him sick and, you know.

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